Power Systems

Power systems engineering, which is also known as power engineering, is a division of electrical engineering. It majorly deals with the generation, distribution, transmission, and usage of electric power, in addition to the electrical apparatus linked to such systems, such as transformers, electric motors, power electronics, and electric generators. Fields in Power Systems Engineering Power […]

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Electrical And High Voltage Engineering

I am sure that everyone is familiar with electrical engineering, but ever heard of high voltage engineering before? What Is Electrical Engineering? Electrical engineering is a science field of engineering related to the study and application of equipment, systems, and other devices which use electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity. You can divide Electrical engineering into many

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Power Electronics

Deep-rooted from electrical engineering, the world of power electronics takes its mesmerizing form. Having seen several advancements and innovations in recent times, it is one of the must-know and highly asked backgrounds worldly. Everyone is well-equipped with individual terms of power and electronics. But when it comes to a single word, most of us are overwhelmed. One

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What Is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics Engineering is a disciplinary science field of study that integrates electronics, mechanical, software, and computer engineering knowledge. It involves the principles of control engineering, telecommunications engineering, and system engineering in a unified discipline of mechatronics engineering education. Mechatronics engineers are trained and equipped to work with real-time electronic instruments, advanced technology software, and mechanical

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