FKTE Background

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FKTE is one of the academic faculty in UniMAP that provides education in engineering and TVET studies. Originally established in 2002 as the School of Electrical System Engineering, we have gone through transformation and restructuring process together with the rest of UniMAP until finally settled as the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Technology (FKTE) in 2022.

FKTE has grown and strengthened our curriculum and teaching quality, coherent with research and innovation in becoming a well-established and competitive faculty among its own field. Now, FKTE is home to electrical and mechatronics engineering and technology programmes. To date, we offer two engineering diploma programmes, five degree programmes, together with five postgraduate studies in mixed-mode and full research mode.

We strive and passionate in providing the best quality education in producing holistic graduate that the industries sought for. In 2020 FKTE scored 100% for graduate employability (GE) proving the exceptional quality of our graduates. With the new additional building expected to complete in 2023, we are very confident in providing world-class facilities and conducive environment for learning and research.

This programme is evaluated by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) and has been accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

This programme consist of fundamental courses in electrical and power engineering until the third year of studies, which provides a broad background in mathematics and computing, electric circuits and systems, analogue electronic circuits and components, digital systems, instrumentations, communications, electromagnetic, control, electrical system (generation, transmission & distribution) and power electronic.

Students will undergo industrial training during the third year of study to gain practical knowledge from industries. This programme also emphasizes on the major fields of power engineering, which includes electrical machines, power systems, and high voltage engineering. Students will enhance practical skills and promotes innovative and creative ideas through the final year project during the fourth year of study. The final year project focuses mainly on the power system, high voltage, and electrical machine design.